My Good Boy Series - by eoen

Training -- Logan and Remy are asked to go undercover for the government in order to recover some stolen artwork. The only twist is that they have to pretend not only to be lovers, but to be master and slave!
Housetraining -- Logan decides to claim what Rogue no longer wants.
Day After the Night Before -- Will this new relationship affect Remy's ability to function on the team?
Penalty -- Logan warned his pet about disturbing his hockey game.
Sunday Evening Post -- Sometimes Logan needs something a little harsher than his pet can provide. Why is Scott willing to loan out his wife for the whipping?
Sweet Dreams --
Saturday Night is Alright --
Missing You -- Logan has to go on assignment. Guess who gets to pet-sit.
The Present Past -- Remy's out of control, will Logan's leash be enough to settle him?
Sessions -- Bobby learns that sometimes he shouldn't listen at the vents.
Pretty Is. . . -- Remy's gone out to do some research on the new case, when he gets home Logan has plans for him.
A Price to be Paid -- Remy made a promise, now Logan's holding him to it.
Telling Tails -- Sometimes secrets have to be told.
Boundaries of Imagination -- Remy lays down an ultimatum to Scott. Will Logan really let him leave?
Straight Up -- Gambit's gone on the road, but Logan's set up a meeting.